1Skill Podcast – Assistant Fire Chief

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Interview with Chip Duncan, Assistant Fire Chief (11/10/2015)

Health & Social Services

Dr. Gregg McGough (CRI Blogger/Podcaster)

Summary: This podcast asks the vital 1Skill question, and Chip explains how “humility”

is an important characteristic of a fireman.

8 thoughts on “1Skill Podcast – Assistant Fire Chief

  1. The podcast on the assistant fire chief. I thought that the podcast was well done and you could every thing clearly. I learned somethings from those three minutes, that you should always listen to your higher ranking boss even if you know or don’t know what you are doing.

  2. I enjoyed podcast interview. It was very interesting because that is not the trait I thought he was going to say was most valuable. He said that humility was a trait because everything a firefighter will put themselves through. I agree with him after hearing his point of views.

  3. When listening to this podcast I found that humility was a significant answer in my opinion. I just think its crazy that the guy that almost lost his life due to not knowing anything about buildings and almost dieing is now the chief. What amazes me is that he had the courage and the will power to sacrifice his life and continue doing the best he can do.

  4. This podcast is mind opening. If a fire fighter looks for humility inside each employee he hires. It shows what kind of person he is, and how many more occupations should approach interviews this way.

  5. This podcast was very interesting to me. I live right across from a firehouse and we sometimes time how long it takes for them to get ready and out of the firehouse. I like how the assistant fire chief talked about humility. He explained the meaning of it and also gave a really interesting story about humility.

  6. I am very surprised that a main characteristic is humility , i wouldn’t have thought that of all characteristics a fireman’s biggest characteristic is humility . The story told by Chip Duncan , was very interesting , and showed a lot of humbleness .

  7. After listening to the podcast about the Assistant fire chief I realized that it isn’t what you think is the right thing to do it is what you are told to do. If he would have done what he thought was right he might have caused himself and a few of his colleges to loss there lives.

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