School closures are traumatizing our students, families, and educators, presenting a new dropout risk factor and requiring us to develop immediate virtual solutions. The National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC) offers topical videos and virtual professional development to support schools and educators during current uncertain times.

The Trauma of Pandemic School Disruption. John Gailer, developer of the Trauma-Skilled Schools Model, explores the far-reaching implications of trauma related to school disruption for students, staffs, families, and the community at large.


School Disruption as a Dropout Risk Factor. Dr. Sandy Addis, Director of National Dropout Prevention Center, discusses the short- and long-term effects of school disruption on the nation’s dropout rates.


Virtual Learning in a Time of School Disruption. Ray McNulty, President of Successful Practices Network and National Dropout Prevention Center, explores the advantages of capitalizing on virtual learning.