1Skill Podcast – GEOStar Product Line Director

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Interview with Dr. Joanne T. Woestman, GEOStar Product Line Director of Orbital ATK (11/14/2015)

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Dr. Gregg McGough (CRI Blogger/Podcaster)

Summary: This podcast asks the vital 1Skill question, and Joanne explains how “estimation”

is an important characteristic/skill for a person in the aerospace field.

For more information on Orbital ATK, please click here.

4 thoughts on “1Skill Podcast – GEOStar Product Line Director

  1. When a person signs up for a job, do they have to make a committment? Do they have to work for the company for so long until they can quit, or can they quit anytime they want?

    1. Typically, an individual who is hired for a new job has an obligation to remain with the company or organization for the duration. It is important for the new hire to sort of research the company before even sitting for an interview. If s/he does not like the interview process or the information s/he learned in the research of the company, s/he should look elsewhere for employment. It is important to not bounce around too much from job to job because it does not look like the person is a reliable employee. At the end of the day, if a company or organization does not feel like the right place for an employee, s/he can walk away after giving his/her notice. Hope this helps!

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