R.E.A.D… It’s Your Turn.

Image taken by Dr. Gregg McGough
Image taken by Dr. Gregg McGough

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Did you notice that each blog post invites YOU, the reader, to interact with the text?


Social media and Web 2.0 tools have truly leveled the playing field and allowed educators from the field to share their thoughts and ideas with other embedded practitioners. This new electronic medium provides users with relevant content, but it comes with different expectations and responsibilities for the reader. Let’s take a look at how one should interact with a blog post.

Emerging digital platforms are changing one’s reading habits by inspiring him/her to interact during and after the reading process. Here is an acronym to remember how to R.E.A.D. a blog post:

Reflect, Engage, Apply, and Discuss

Educators, many still in the field, are taking a moment or two to share some thoughts and reflections on what works or doesn’t work in today’s classrooms. Readers should reflect upon the implications the blog has upon their own experience. Next, blog readers should use social media sites like Twitter to connect and engage in virtual conversations with the writer of the post…by the way, my Twitter name is @McGough3R.

The themes and messages of a relevant blog post should have direct applications to the daily life of a classroom teacher. The blogger is placing ideas and concepts out into the blogosphere in an effort to start a virtual conversation where both parties, author & reader, benefit from the exchange. If the reader feels like the post and the blogger have brought up a good point…PLEASE HOLD UP THE OTHER END OF THE CONVERSATION!

In an effort to prove that this blog post is effective, please reflect upon how digital reading is changing the life of a teacher.

Dr. Gregg McGough, blogger & podcaster