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Join Us for the 2024 Future Focused Schools Conference!
Explore the WHY, WHAT, & HOW of Future- Driven Districts

Ignite your school district's future at the 2024 Future Focused Schools Conference. Hosted by the Successful Practices Network (SPN), this three-day event is an assembly of influential leadership from Future Driven School Districts and Educational Organizations from across the U.S., all focused on crafting the future of education.

With engaging keynote presentations, comprehensive how-to sessions, and vibrant networking sessions you and your team will have the opportunity to engage in enriching dialogues, learning from thought leaders, national experts, and like-minded colleagues.

Exclusive Offerings:
The 2024 Future Focused Schools Conference features robust networking sessions dedicated to strengthening culture and maximizing the use of resources. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, share your experiences, learn from others, and develop strategies to drive positive change in your educational environment. Immerse yourself in an ecosystem of learning and growth, absorbing cutting-edge insights from researchers and field experts. Learn about controlled innovation and how to seamlessly embed it into your school district’s culture and routine. Gather evidence-based recommendations and explore best and next practices to move your district forward.

Come as a Team:
Our unique "boardroom to classroom" approach encourages team attendance, fostering a cohesive atmosphere for systemic change. The 2024 Future Focused Schools Conference is a unique opportunity for school districts to learn from leading experts, network with other leaders, and prepare for the future. Our hope is that this conference will provide you and your team with the tools and resources needed to create a brighter future for all students.

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