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Interview with Lucas Warford, Professional Musician in Three for Silver (10/05/2015)

Arts & Communications

Dr. Gregg McGough (CRI Blogger/Podcaster)

Summary: This podcast asks the vital 1Skill question, and Lucas explains how “flexibility” is a key component to a successful bandmate.

For more information about Three for Silver please click here.


5 thoughts on “1Skill Podcast – Professional Musician

  1. I really liked how he said that you basically just need to be able to roll with like every situation. So you pretty much have to be real chill about everything and that’s pretty cool. Would you be able to interview a photographer?

  2. What I like about this is that he explains that basically you have to know what your doing at all times during music. One little missed not could mess up their song. In my opinion maybe you could interview a college or pro football player or coach and an active front line Marine.

  3. As an aspiring musician, this interview was interesting because of how general he was with the answers, it wasn’t complicated by any means.

  4. I find the music industry to be very harsh and critical. It’s pretty rad that Three For Silver is going for a very different sound and approach toward modern day music.

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